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Here I am in 3rd grade. It was “character day” and having just done a report on Theodore Roosevelt, I went as … Theodore Roosevelt. Not having the Internet and a wealth of photos at my fingertips (and being from a family without a large budget for costumes), I imagine I just tried to look “presidential.” I have a megaphone in my hand. Why? I have no idea. I pity the adult who handed it to me because I love to talk and I love a platform. This was not the last time in my life when I’d be handed a megaphone.

I started this blog to write about my own version of a strenuous life. The ways in which, for me, it’s a lifestyle choice and not an obligation. To connect with others who live the same way. To write personal and sometimes useful stories.

I am a “northeast liberal elite” and not particularly ashamed of that moniker. I see nothing wrong with being highly educated or in thinking of education as valuable for personal growth. I am queer, feminist, gender non-conforming, a fat activist and quite progressive. I vote in every election. I am a step-parent, knitter, business traveler, home gourmet, good friend, responsible dog owner, reader, sometimes-writer, and a November Project member. I like art and going to concerts and museums of all kinds and road trips. Despite having been both an English major and English teacher, my grammar isn’t always flawless. I like almost all kinds of books, music and art. But I do find impressionism quite boring.

I’ve worked as: a grocery store cashier, a camp counselor, an editor, a researcher, a high school teacher, a middle school teacher, a clerk. I’ve worked in food service and retail. I’ve worked at: an IT SEO start-up, university dining services and facilities management, a Fortune-500 company, and an HMO. I spent most of my 20s working in educational publishing. Right now, I’m a Quality Control Director. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut or a newspaper reporter. Or building stuff. Like giant Lego creations that adhered to no directions. Not that I have a distaste for directions, it’s just that hand-me-down Legos don’t usually come with directions.

Sometimes the kind editors at xojane give me a digital megaphone by publishing my work. I try to remember to cross-post here but you can always see what I’m up to on my author page.

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