Dear Trump Voter #25

Dear Trump Voter:

This is going to be my last letter to you for a while. As you can see, I have some really other important stuff going on. Anyway. So, you know, there was one thing I liked from Trump’s speech last Friday:

“We will follow two simple rules; buy American and hire American.”

That sounds great. But … couple questions:
1) Weren’t we doing that already? To apply for a federal job, one has to prove American citizenship. What are we buying from elsewhere other than stuff that isn’t available here?
2) Isn’t it Trump who is currently NOT “hiring American” (at his Mar-a-Lago Resort that he’s calling “the winter White House”) and who has a history of manufacturing products carrying his name NOT in the U.S. Why this sudden turn around from him? How can we trust him now?
3) Especially since one of the first executive orders he signed on Monday was to freeze all federal job hires. How does this fit with “hiring American?” How can we “make America great again” if we won’t hire Americans to work on our carnage-ridden infrastructure? Have you ever worked somewhere with a staff shortage where the bosses told you to get more done with fewer people? How did that work out?


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