It’s Take Action Wednesday! (Super Easy Edition)

This Wednesday, I have 2 REALLY EASY action items for you.

I heeded Michael Moore’s passionate plea to “JOIN” and did a little joining since Saturday.

First, I joined the ACLU.
Then, I joined Planned Parenthood.

OK, what next? Well, I decided I wanted to join some smaller, more specific organizations fighting and advocating and needing a show of strength for the times ahead.

So, I joined Astrea.
And, the Southern Poverty Law Center.
And, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.
And, Black and Pink.
And, my local PBS station.

That’s all I can do for right now. But it’s more than I was doing before. This is some of the easiest kind of joining you can do – you don’t have to leave the house, heck, you don’t even have to put on pants. Even if you only have $5 and can only join one thing, do that. And, if you don’t have $5, use the comments section to let people know about groups worth joining. #fundtheresistance #resistanceisexpensive

Since the election, we’re learning that calling our elected officials is proving decently effective. But it’s easy to lose steam. Right?
Here is something that made it easier for me: I put the phone numbers of offices I need to call regularly in my phone’s contact list. Then I designated those numbers as favorites. I don’t need to call a general number and wait for a transfer, or look up numbers when I want to take some action. So, right now, add these numbers to your phone’s contact list:
— U.S. Congressperson’s office
— Both U.S. Senators’ offices
— Governor’s office
— State Rep’s office
— State Senator’s office
— Mayor’s office (for your major metro area, and your actual city/town)

Optional adds:
— U.S. Attorney General’s office
— State Attorney General’s office

And you can use this handy tool to get almost all these numbers in one place.

Yesterday, I saw a news item that our governor was cutting funding for elder care and disabled people and you know what? I didn’t need to look up the number or spend any energy figuring out how to call. I clicked the home button on my phone, went to contacts, favorites, and pushed a button.

Add these numbers. Add them now. Remove any minor obstacles that make you say “I would call but …” #makeresistanceeasy


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