Dear Trump Voter #23

Dear Trump Voter,

Many of you voted for Trump based on his promise to “make America great again,” right? And part of the way he said that would  happen is by keeping good-paying jobs in America and even adding new good-paying jobs. Right?

Well, how do you feel about the fact that Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago Resort recently applied for H-2B visas to employ non-Americans in resort/hospitality jobs, and was approved for 64 visas (He hired 69 non-American workers through this program last year). Trump says that he is hiring non-Americans because he can’t fill these jobs with American workers but local hiring agencies have said repeatedly that these are jobs that qualified locals have said they want. These are jobs that don’t require any special training or certification that would make them hard to fill using the locally-available workforce.

Not only is he hiring non-American workers, he’s giving some of them a pay cut. Cooks will make 25 cents less per hour than last year, waitstaff will get a 14 cent per hour increase, housekeepers a 10 cent per hour increase.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has show no hesitation in letting us know how wealthy he is, how much money he has. How do you feel about a man who pays cooks $13.01/hour last year and $12.74 this year? How big a difference does that make to the cooks’ families vs the Trump family? Have you ever worked in a hotel or restaurant kitchen? Do you think $12.74/hour is a fair wage given the difficulty level of doing that job?

Very truly yours,
Confused Coastal Elite


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