Dear Trump Voter #20

Dear Trump Voter,

You may not like Hillary Clinton, but maybe you will enjoy this drink recipe I developed in her honor.

The Nasty Woman
1 oz Fireball whisky
3 oz dark amber ginger ale or ginger beer
dash of Angostura bitters
dash of cinnamon-infused simple syrup
3″ strip of lemon peel, mashed in the glass first to release lemon oil

To make:
Peel 3″ strip of lemon peel, being careful not to include too much pith. Rub the peel together with your fingers or mash with a muddler (to release lemon oil) in a lowball glass. Add whisky, bitters, syrup, and a generous portion of ice to a cocktail shaker; shake vigorously. Strain from shaker, into the glass with the lemon (leaving the ice in the shaker), add dark amber ginger ale/ginger beer. Stir very gently.



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