Dear Trump Voter #19

Dear Trump Voter,

My understanding is that many of you are anti-regulation. That you believe that too much regulation is strangling American business, costing business owners money that they could otherwise use to hire people, create jobs. Does that sound correct?

How do you feel about this new Oklahoma law that requires all hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and public schools to post signs inside public restrooms? The signs are part of an effort to reduce abortions in the state. Though the law requires all of these businesses post these signs, no funding is required; businesses will need to pay for these signs themselves.

How do you feel about this? Do you own a business? Even if you agree with the message on these particular signs, do you really want to set a precedent wherein government is able to pass laws that require for you to pay to print/buy signs to post in your business? Signs that may drive customers away from your business? What if a law is passed requiring you to pay to post signs and you are opposed to the message of the sign?

Asking because I didn’t see any of you speaking out about it but maybe I missed it?

Very truly yours,
Confused Coastal Elite


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