Dear Trump Voter #18

Dear Trump Voter,

I just heard that Trump selected Rex Tillerson, current Chariman and CEO of Exxon as Secretary of State. He has no government experience, and doesn’t even have a variety of job experience as he’s only ever worked at Exxon. I dunno about you but I’m middle-aged and I’ve had a pretty wide variety of jobs from grocery store cashier, to camp counselor, to working at an Internet start-up, to textbook editor, to software engineering. Do you even know anyone who’s worked for the same company their whole life anymore? Even my grandmother, a lifelong bookkeeper, had worked at a few different companies before she retired.

As Secretary of State he will be our main ambassador to the world. Do you think he’s qualified? What do you think will happen when his corporate interests bump up against U.S. diplomacy or national security?

How is Trump making these selections? Where is he finding these people? My guess is that he ran into them here:

But maybe you know for sure?

Very truly yours,
Confused Coastal Elite


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