Dear Trump Voter #17

Dear Trump Voter,

There’s this meme going around where one is asked to list 5 unpopular opinions. I’ve taken a day or two to think about it and narrowed it down to these:

  1. Cupcakes are awful. They in no way match up to a slice of actual cake. The worst.
  2. Banana bread is also awful. Oh, I had some rotting bananas and put them in dry-ish (or overly-moist) loaf cake for you. Uhm, you could have saved yourself the time and just put the bananas in the trash directly, because that’s where this banana bread is going.
  3. Snow is not fun. What’s fun is being able to go outside without eighteen layers of clothes on. What’s fun is not having to shovel and shovel and shovel snow and then still have to find a place to put it. What’s fun is when the wind doesn’t hurt my face.
  4. Out of the three events in a triathlon, swimming is the easiest and most enjoyable.
  5. Some pizza is truly delicious but most pizza is overrated. Ditto bacon.

What are some unpopular opinions you have? You know, other than voting for Trump. I say “other than voting for Trump” because he lost the popular vote. And since only about half of all eligible voters even voted, that means fewer than 1/4 of eligible voters voted for him. That by definition means preferring him as a candidate is an unpopular opinion.

Very truly yours,
Confused Coastal Elite



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