Dear Trump Voter #7

Dear Trump Voter,

During the campaign you said you liked that Donald Trump “tells it like it is” and that you feel like he’s more trustworthy than other candidates, that he would be immune to corruption because he is so wealthy. Can you tell me why you think these things?

During the campaign he became the first post-Nixon Presidential candidate to not release his tax returns (even though the IRS has made it clear that being audited does not prevent him from releasing his returns). He talks a lot about how much he gives to charity but has never been willing to prove it. When asked for complete medical records, he provided a 4-paragraph letter with few hard numbers or stats on common health markers, written in 5 minutes by a gastroenterologist .

After the election, he still has financial ties to other governments that we don’t know about AT ALL. Well, we know about at least one person. Retired Lt. Gen.Michael Flynn, who is already on Trump’s transition team, is considered a possibility for Defense Secretary or National Security Adviser; he has worked in the private sector as a lobbyist for the government of Turkey. Trump is refusing to put his business operations into a blind trust during his Presidency to avoid any conflicts of interest, and furthermore, he’s actually asking for his children to serve as advisers with top-secret clearance AND actively run his company (with all the secret information at their fingertips).

Does any of this bother or concern you? Does any of this surprise you?

Very truly yours,
Confused Coastal Elite


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