Divest Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self #3: Casinos

Some Casinos

Why: Sheldon and Miriam Adelson were Trump’s largest individual campaign donors. Adelson has also spent a lot of money, in multiple states, fighting efforts to legalize marijuana. If legalization is something you support, it’s yet another reason to withdraw patronage from any Adelson-owned companies. As is his hard fight  to keep employees at The Venetian from joining a union (something that’s pretty standard at most Vegas hotels). Trump received $1,000,000 from Hawaiian Gardens Casino. Even though the campaign returned it, Phil Ruffin sent Trump $1,000,000. He enthusiastically endorsed Trump.

Also, there are literally a bajillion other casinos where you could see a show, eat some food, do some shopping, and otherwise empty your wallet.

How: This is another pretty easy divestment opportunity. Simply don’t go to any of these casinos:
1) All Trump-owned casinos, resorts, etc. He’s really into putting his name on everything which makes it easier to avoid inadvertently supporting a Trump-owned venture
2) Owned by Phillip Ruffin: Treasure Island, Las Vegas
Also: 13 hotels branded as Marriott/Fairfield/Courtyard in OK, KS, CA, TX, and AL
Also: Ruffin owns Angelus Manufacturing, WelCom Products (makers of the Magna Cart line of folding hand trucks)
3) Hawaiian Gardens, a.k.a. The Gardens, Hawaiian Gardens CA
4) Owned by Sheldon Adelson: Sands Expo Center, The Venetian, The Palazzo, Sands Casino Resort (in Bethlehem, PA), as well as many Sands/Venetian branded hotels in Macau China, and Singapore
Also: Adleson owns two news outlets: Las Vegas Review-Journal, and Israel Hayom

INvest: Almost any other way to spend money is better than spending it on gambling. If you are really jonesing for a game of chance, maybe support your local and state lotteries (since a tiny portion of the money collected goes to funding local and state programs), or your local church/social organization’s bingo night?



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