Dear Trump Voter #6

Dear Trump Voter,

Speaking of doing things and getting things done … I know many of you who voted for him are hard-working, middle-class types like myself. You go to work every day and give your best every day at a job that isn’t particularly your favorite thing to do but it pays the bills. You commute home via public transit or your average type vehicle. You make some dinner, you take care of your kids, you do the dishes, you take out the trash, you mow your own lawn, you change the light bulb that just went out, and change the batteries in your smoke detector. Do you think Donald Trump ever does any of these things? That he has any idea what it’s like to live our life? How could he possibly understand? I believe he worked 3 months (maybe it was 6 – I’m having a hard time finding a primary source on this one) doing construction. Other than that, he’s spent most of his work life delegating the most difficult parts of the work to others.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always preferred working for bosses who were working right alongside me. They weren’t delegating to me because they didn’t know how to do the work but because their role was to coordinate everyone, like a kick-ass foreman. And if things got rough, they’d step in and help out without hesitation. Do you think this is who Trump is as a boss?

Our country was colonized by people who virtually worshipped hard work. The phrase “Protestant work ethic” exists for a reason. Waves of immigrants have come to our country with almost nothing and built a life out of not much more than their work ethic. What kind of work ethic do you think Trump has given his work history? Do you think he’s the first to show up and the last to leave? If not, what kind of boss do you think he is and how do you feel about that?

Very truly yours,
Confused Coastal Elite


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