Dear Trump Voter #5

Dear Trump Voter,

Recently, the future First Family appeared on 60 Minutes. During the interview, Ivanka Trump made a pointed effort to show off a bracelet she was wearing. Immediately after the interview, she sent a “style alert” press release to the media about the bracelet and how/where it can be bought.

Is this how you want the First Family to use their limited time in media interviews and public appearances? Hawking $10,000 bracelets at you? Will every interaction with citizens become a chance to sell us something? Donald Trump says he wants Ivanka to serve as a key adviser (and to have a top-secret security clearance, too). If she does serve in this role, do you want her focused on our issues and our country, or on using her position to sell us really expensive jewelry?

Very truly yours,
Confused Coastal Elite



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