Divest Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self #2: Yuengling


Why: Richard Yuengling Jr. has endorsed Trump and folks are already boycotting. If you need an additional reason to boycott, Yuengling is also a proud union-busting, labor-exploiting employer. Need another reason? History.

An intersectional boycott in 1977 (starting with the union, growing to include people of color and lgbtq people) had decent success. With regard to labor unions, by 1988, Coors was secretly begging the union to publicly call off the boycott. With regard to lgbtq employees, Coors went from firing gay employees in 1977, to being the 21st publicly-traded company to offer benefits to same-sex partners in 1995. When Pete Coors ran for Senate in 2004, he was criticized for offering same-sex benefits; he defended the policy calling it “basic good business practice.” They also advertise in lgbtq publications and media outlets – they recognize the power of the market, that the majority of their potential customer base is not on board with a hateful agenda.

All, that said, I still can’t enthusiastically encourage you to drink Coors beer. While they are doing better by their union and lgbtq employees, they are still funding Republican candidates, and the most extreme parts of the anti-womens’ health agenda.

How: Well, this one couldn’t be much easier. You don’t need to start a full-scale home-brew operation. If you want to drink a beer, drink literally any other beer. Preferably, one from a brewery that treats its employees fairly (this covers large and small breweries alike).

If you want to go the extra mile? When you see Yuengling on tap at a local pub/bar/restaurant, gently express your disappointment that they are reserving tap space for Yuengling when there are so many other more-deserving beers. This is especially true if you live in the heart of the “liberal Northeast” where a clear majority of citizens do not support Trump’s hateful agenda and may be able to influence the market with either a non-purchase, or some vocal disapproval. Yuengling has been making major efforts to establish themselves in this market and expand brand recognition, let’s not let them do that.

INvest: Is there a local brewery or brew-pub within a few miles of you? Drink their beer. Support a local business. If you have a favorite local brew that has enough capacity to supply your favorite local pub/bar/restaurant, seek out the owner and recommend that they put your favorite brew on tap for a trial run.


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