It’s Take Action Wednesday!

In today’s edition of Take Action Wednesday, let’s all help President Obama do his job. I’m sure you’ve all been in a position at some point where you had a job to do but it seemed like everyone was thwarting you. Whether it was lack of tools, or resources, or that one person who just couldn’t deal with change, it’s frustrating to be prevented from being productive.

As you may have read/seen, Antonin Scalia died recently. This leaves a vacancy on The Supreme Court. It’s the President’s job to nominate Supreme Court Justices. The President still has 1/8 of his contract left but for some reason, Senate Republicans think he should just stop doing his job. This is ridiculous. History has shown us in a number of ways:
1) The only time when there was a prolonged vacancy on The Supreme Court was during the American Civil War. Because there was A WAR GOING ON.
2) The longest time it’s taken to approve a nominee was 125 days. And it was the namesake of my alma mater. Who was a kick-ass Justice.
3) Plenty of other Justices have been nominated and confirmed during a President’s last year in office. In fact, when it was a Republican President making late-term nominations, Senate Republicans argued fervently that the President has a job to do until the job is officially over.

And if all that doesn’t convince you, imagine an elite athlete signed to an 8-year, multi-million dollar contract. Performance may diminish over time but would you ever expect the sports team to be OK with said athlete to just not show up to work part way through year 8?

Senate Republicans are saying voters should have a voice in the next nominee. WE DO HAVE A VOICE. We elected Barack Obama to a second term by a 5 million+ vote margin. Blocking him from making a nomination is denying the voters our voice, not enhancing it.

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: Call, e-mail your Senators and tell them that you want them to allow the President to nominate a qualified candidate. Tell them not to block him from doing his job. Tell them that there is nothing unusual or wrong about a President making a nomination in his last year as President.


Photo Credit: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Theodor Horydczak Collection, LC-H814-C11-028



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