OH HEY I WAS PUBLISHED (AGAIN) FOR REAL (Wanna read about student loan debt)?

Hello to the ~70 of you who read this thing (get your friends reading, willya?)

I was recently published in xoJane and have more writing in the works. I’ll be re-posting excerpts here as I’m published but by all means please keep an eye on their site for new work (especially since I’m going to let them have it for at least a week before re-publishing it here).


This is why student loan reform is so important. For many of us, our only shot at any real help is in reforming student loan law, regulation and policy.
Mendosa_Student Loans_Pie Chart_2
Do you have student loans? One independent non-profit (The Project on Student Debt) reports: “Seven in 10 college seniors (71%) who graduated last year had student loan debt, with an average of $29,400 per borrower.” If you are aged 22-40, chances are you are carrying some amount of student debt. Unless, you know, you really worked it super austerely.
Just about all forms of debt can be forgiven or re-negotiated if you’re up a creek, unable to afford a paddle. If you find yourself underwater financially, you can file for bankruptcy, you can re-negotiate with creditors (i.e. credit card companies) and other places where you may owe money (medical bills, utilities, etc.). Most of us prefer to never need to use these options, but still, they are options.
Not so, student loans. Discharge (forgiveness of debt) of federal loans is,according to the Department of Education, “rare” in bankruptcy filings. Even worse, if your parents (or anyone else) co-signed on private student loans and you die, they still have to pay your loans with no help via bankruptcy.
And what can you do about that? Alas, not much …
Wanna read more? Including lots of charts and graphs? Well, finish reading over at xoJane!

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