Feminism in Action Interlude: Catching Fire!

Look, I’m not saying that I am responsible for all of the fantastic developments below but I wanted to point out some current, wonderful updates related to topics I’ve covered previously in this blog series.

First up, remember when I wrote about how “being a girl” or “like a girl” or “like a woman” is not an insult? Well, check this stuff out!

From a recent Always ad campaign:

Or these two scientists who see nothing insulting about being told that they “act like women:”

Remember when I wrote about how you have to see a buffer zone law in action to truly understand what a buffer zone law is and how it protects women?

Well, check out Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick (and the state legislature) acting quickly to protect and stand up for women by signing the Act to Promote Public Safety and Protect Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities into law:

How about you? Have you seen any exciting developments? Share the good stuff in the comments!



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