Feminism in Action: Concrete Tip #7 (Less But)

If you are new to this series, please check out the first post which explains the origin, the background and has a couple ground rules: Feminism in Action: Concrete Tip #1

Special note: I fact-check, I spell-check, I grammar-check and I check for broken links. If you see errors, please send me a message, don’t let me stay out here with toilet paper trailing from the soles of my intellectual shoes.

You are a feminist. Period.

How often have I heard this: “I’m not a feminist, but …” But what? Why are you afraid to own that label? After the “but” I typically hear a lot of things that sound like feminism: free access to healthcare, equality in pay, equality under the law, more diversity in leadership, etc. So, if you believe all those things are important, why aren’t you a feminist? I think I know why.


Sexism is why you aren’t a feminist. Sexism is what tells you that feminism is “too far” or “too much” or “special rights.” Stand up to sexism and tell people, unapologetically that you are a feminist. I’ve never once heard a Doctor Who fan say, “I’m not a Doctor Who fan but I’ve seen every episode” or a politically-liberal person say, “I’m not a liberal but I believe in universal healthcare, closing the income/wage gap and equal rights for all citizens.”

If you need a bit more explanation, Laci Green lays it out quite clearly:

Extra Credit:
When you hear people spreading misinformation about feminism or feminists, challenge them. Challenge the dismissing of feminism via silencing stereotypes.


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